Top 3 performances of UniQube

Long warranty period

Thermoplastic – Composite materials are materials of the future, resistant to harshest environment and lasting forever. It means that in long term exploatation, it will not be necessary to be replaced by another product.Long warranty term products are saving production energy, our planet resources, generating less garbage, lowering the polution.

“A” class energy efficiency

High energy efficient products are constructed to efficiently use the energy, minimizing its loss. These products consume less energy compared to conventional products providing the same service to the user.The final effect is that the user is saving money by lowering the cost of purchasing energy and scores the government-led energy efficiency subsidies.Reducing energy use is also reducing greenhouse gas emissions, climate change impact, air pollution and improves peoples health.

Hygienic hot water

The Legionella bacterium thrives when water is stagnant and its temperature is eather above or below the 20–50 °C range. One of the best ways to prevent bacterias proliferation is to use the so called On-Demand water heating: When the user opens the tap – then the cold drinking water from the network flows into the stainless steel heat exchanger which is installed into the hot water tank, gets instantly heated, and goes out to the tap.

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