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About Us


Solarico team has decades of experience in planning, projecting and installing various types of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. From small residential infrastructures to big hotels, from heating domestic water to complex solutions for industrial processes.

Looking to the future, combining knowledge and experience, in 2008 we have started our own production of UniPlate solar thermal collectors. Since 2016 we got inspired to start our brand new production line for UniQube advanced heat storage tanks.


Let’s equip your homes with products of highest reliability! Let’s stick to the A+ energy efficiency using renewable energy sources!
We stand up for our all-copper UniPlate solar thermal collectors because of outstanding quality at the best prices.

Let’s reach superior products with recognized characteristics, as well with favorable price for our clients.

UniQube’s mission is to overcome problems of conventional storage tanks, lifting to the new level of efficiency, and sets new standards for heat storage tanks.


The A+ UniQube hot water storage tanks are available on the market. Packages of UniQubes and UniPlate collectors are A+++ energy efficient.

The development continues by integrating high C.O.P. heat pumps  and high efficient gas condensing boilers with composite plastic storage tanks.

Our vision is to continuously supply the users with quality and savings that significantly overcome the price.

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