Qube X

Unpressurized hot water storage tank and drain back reservoir

Qube X

There is a polyethylene tank inside filled with energy transfer medium and up to 3 heat exchangers:

  • 1 heat exchanger used for providing hygienic hot water
  • 2 optional heat exchangers that may be used for:
    • 2 additional heat sources like heat pump, any type of boiler, pressurized solar or
    • 1 heat source + 1 heat consumer like underfloor heating circuit
  • solar thermal connection in a drain back variant


  • Renovations of hot water systems
  • Large hot water outputs
  • Clean hot water in clean spaces
  • Where the budget is limited
  • Energy efficient installations
  • Harshest environment


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Installer friendly
  • Lower transport costs
  • Optional electric heater backup (1 or 2)

Hygienic on-demand domestic hot water

  • 10÷30% energy savings due to on-demand principle of heating of water for domestic use. It uses energy to heat up the
    water only when the user opens the tap
  • Improved Legionella prevention through the use of continuous flow principle
  • Application - in the HORECA industry, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, and residential areas

Water medium for heat transfer instead of glycol

  • Water has superior heat transfer properties compared to propylene or ethylene glycol because of a high thermal capacity and
    low viscosity.
  • Unlimited Application - anywhere, including installations where contamination potential is not allowed
  • Highest Solar Thermal Efficiency - Water has higher thermal conductivity compared to glycol
  • Minimum Maintenance - No need for concentration check up and potential glycol based corrosion
  • Low Cost - Glycol solutions are more expensive than water, plus necessary equipment for its handling and maintenance
QUBE X220400
D (diameter)(mm)620890
H1 (height)(mm)845845
H (height)(mm)11001100
a (width)(mm)725960
Pivot measurement(mm)13201460
Gross tank capacity(l)220400
Weight (with exchangers)(kg)80100
Connections I, J5/4"
S2 Solar sensor position(mm)450
S3 DHW sensor position(mm)250
S4 Heating sensor position(mm)250
S5 Overheating protection position(mm)250
Max. working temperature(°C)90
Nominal flow rate (all exchangers)(l/min)20
Max. flow rate (all exchangers)(l/min)30
Max. working pressure (all exchangers)(bar)10
Max. test pressure (all exchangers)(bar)15
Solar Heat Exchanger
Connections F, G5/4"
Output area(m²)2,672,67
DHW Heat Exchanger
Connections A, B5/4"
Output area(m²)5,357,07
Heating Exchanger
Connections C, E5/4"
Output area(m²)2,102,87

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