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UniQube Drain Back

Solar Storage Tank • Domestic Water Heater • Stratified Separator Storage Tank

Utilizes much more solar energy

Drain Back solar systems can be sized with much more collectors – they absorb more solar energy providing more savings.

Over heating and freeze protection

When pump stops circulating, heating fluid from collectors is draining down into the drainage reservoir, so the only care is to do a proper piping installation.

Cheaper installation

Drain Back systems do not require expansion vessels, check valve, air valve or additional overheating protection. This system can even work with water as heating fluid instead of antifreeze.

“A” Energy Efficiency

Composite-plastic materials are significantly reducing heat loss, so UniQube is normal size storage tank with up to 60% lower heat loss than conventional hot water storage tanks.

Pressure stability

Due to its excellent strength, no welding joints, and no weak points, UniQube can be comfortably operated at a constant pressure of up to 6 bars and a temperature up to 95°C. It is pressure tank for direct integration into the heating systems.

Minimum maintenance

Due to its non-corrosive tank, there are no anode rods to be periodically replaced. Stainless steel heat exchanger has a mirror  surface finish, made of stainless steel corrugated pipe.

Welcome to the world of Innovative Central Heating Tanks

Solarico products are targeting the market position of Perfect Price-Quality-Performance ratio. We provide high energy efficiency, long warranty terms, and multi-functional products.

  • Our wholesalers offer unique, state of the art designed, and rare high energy efficient products.
  • Our installers are happy to install products that do not require maintenance in the following decades.
  • Our final customers enjoy their comfort, low energy bills, long warranty period of our no-care products.

We are highly motivated to support your business!

Product types


From simple buffer storage tank to combined storage tank

UniQube Heat Pump

Heat Pump with integrated UniQube

UniQube Heat Pump+ SQ-BPSW-440

UniQube Heat Pump+

Central hot water storage tank with outdoor heat pump unit



High Quality Solar Collectors


UniQube Gas Condensing

UniQube with integrated gas condensing boiler

Our customers

Where the energy savings are highest

The map shows how growing our idea of high energy efficient tanks is. The wholesalers stick to our reliable B2B cooperation while satisfied end customers, using renewable energy sources, enjoy the hygienic hot water, low energy bills, and long warranty period comfort.

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