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Qube X

Multi–sources heat accumulator


UniQube 6C

6 heating circuits in direct connection to the A-class energy efficient heat storage


From simple buffer storage tank to combined storage tank



High Quality Solar Thermal Collectors

UniQube Drain Back Reservoir

Solar Draining Tank

Composite Expansion Vessels

Corrosion-free vessels with heavy-duty membrane

Helical Coil Heat Exchangers

Corrugated pipe heat exchangers with increased heat transfer rate

UniQube Heat Pump

Heat Pump with integrated UniQube

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Production of Solarico thermal system

Welcome to the world of Innovative Central Heating Tanks

Solarico products are targeting the market position of Perfect Price-Quality-Performance ratio. We provide high energy efficiency, long warranty terms, and multi-functional products.

  • Our wholesalers offer unique, state of the art designed, and rare high energy efficient products.
  • Our installers are happy to install products that do not require maintenance in the following decades.
  • Our final customers enjoy their comfort, low energy bills, long warranty period of our no-care products.

We are highly motivated to support your business!

Our customers

Where the energy savings are highest

The wholesalers stick to our reliable B2B cooperation while satisfied end customers, using renewable energy sources, enjoy the hygienic hot water, low energy bills, and long warranty period comfort.

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