UniQube 6C SQ-BPSW

Solar Storage Tank - Domestic Water Heater - Stratified Separator Storage Tank

UniQube 6C SQ-BPSW

The UniQube 6C models are Solarico’s latest project, utilizing the potential of direct connection of multiple heat circuits to the

  • 3 heat sources + 3 heat consumers in direct connection to the A-class energy efficient heat storage
  • Heating System designs, where UniPlate solar collectors are added, result in notable energy savings because of
    100% free solar thermal energy
  • 4 times more efficient collectors per m2, compared to photovoltaic panels, in a sense of sun energy utilization
  • Usage of thermal collectors as a real support for the heating system by up to a fantastic 50%, and even more
  • “Drain Back Solar” option, solar system is 100% stable

What is the 6C version of UniQubes?

It is any UniQube model produced with the possibility to connect 6 heating circuits. Now it is possible to integrate 3 heat sources + 3 heat consuming circuits in direct connection with the heat accumulator.

More than conventional heat pump systems

UiQube 6C integration improves system performance by at least 25%. It may integrate and buffer high-temperature heat sources added to the heat pump systems. Solar thermal supports the heat pump work. It supplies multiple heat consumers like domestic hot water, swimming pools, radiator, or underfloor heating.

Now it is easy to design an energysaving system

The system designers that will include UniQube 6C models in their projects, will offer a high-efficiency heating system for the end user.

TYPE 6C SQ-BPSW310440800
D (diameter)(mm)620620890
H1 (height)(mm)130017301730
h (connectors)(mm)132017501750
H (height)(mm)157020002000
a (width)(mm)725725960
Connectors C, E, P, Q, I, J, T, U5/4"5/4"5/4"
max. working temp.(°C)909090
max. working pressure(bar)666
max. test pressure(bar)999
Net tank capacity(l)290413773
Approx. weight(kg)104130160
S2 Solar sensor position(mm)111015501550
S3 Heating sensor position(mm)91013501350
S4 DHW sensor position(mm)140140140
Pivot measurement(mm)173021302219
Solar Heat Exchanger
Connectors F, G5/4"5/4"5/4"
max. working pressure(bar)101010
max. test pressure(bar)151515
output area(m²)1,222
DHW Heat Exchanger
Connectors A, B5/4"5/4"5/4"
max. working pressure(bar)101010
max. test pressure(bar)151515
output area(m²)3,855

UniQube SQ-BPSW Section Dimensions

Production of Domestic Hot Water


Pressure Loss for UniQube DHW Heat Exchangers

Dedication of our expert team have already contributed the implementation of quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and certification of the UniQubes, by TUV  Hessen, for complying with Pressure Equipment Directive

Heart of your ENERGY system

UniQube SQ-BPSW with Heat Pump Schematic Installation

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