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From simple buffer storage tank to combined storage tank

High Efficiency Thermal Device

UniQube is a unique type of storage tank that can be basically produced in 5 different variations, depending on system requirements.

  • Buffer storage tank
  • Separation storage tank
  • Solar storage tank
  • Domestic drinking water heater
  • Combined storage tank

UniQube can be equipped with stratification tube, heat exchangers, electric heater backup, and combinations of it. It has maximum extended durability, all inner parts are removable, replaceable, and spare parts can be used. UniQube can be upgraded from one type of device to another, and it can be installed in a group or as individual device.


Minimum heat loss, impressive strength and light weight, Solarico’s UniQube storage tank is rotomolded plastic tank, strengthened by filament winding of fiberglass. Unique combination of these materials results in low weight tank.

Special plastic, stainless steel stratification tube and stainless steel heat exchangers ensure corrosion resistance and anode free tank, which means no smelly water inside, and no unwanted chemical reactions.

Solarico UniQube is equipped with system of tubes toward the stratification of the temperature inside the tank

All entering, filling pipes, are positioned within the stratification tube. The stratification tube is made of stainless steel with openings placed in order to support the stratification process. The entering water of the heating system with its specific temperature is flowing inside the stratification tube and is positioning in the space with corresponding temperature. Flow direction inside the tank depends on model and its function in the heating system.

“A” Energy Efficiency

Tank made of composite-plastic materials with up to 60% lower heat loss
than conventional hot water storage tanks

Corrosion Resistant

Combination of plastic and fiberglass composite materials is corrosion resistant on both sides of the tank

Pressure Stability

Due to its excellent strength, no welding joints, and no weak points, UniQube can be comfortably operated at a constant pressure up to 6 bars and a temperature up to 95 degrees Celsius

Extended Durability

30 years projected lifetime and 10 years of warranty

Hygienic Hot Water

Domestic hot water in continuous flow, on demand heated water

Minimum Maintenance

Due to its non-corrosive tank, there are no anode rods to be periodically replaced

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