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Energy savings by using Solarico products in heating installations

We bring the sun heat in your heating system, you save up to 50% of heating energy!

3 steps how to save 50% energy

There is an existing or future heating system

Conventional heating installation

Heat pump generating savings ONLY according to its C.O.P.

Add just 2 Solarico products

More energy saving is possible

Realized energy savings

Excellent solution for

  • 50% energy savings
  • Input free solar power
  • Zero energy homes
  • Positive energy homes
  • Subsidies
  • Saving money
The 50% Energy Savings table
(for heating requirements of 60 W/m²)
Surface of buildingProducts to be installedApproximate power input during the heating season
150 m²2 x UniQube Drain Back 310L + 8 UniPlate collectors5 kW
200 m²2 x UniQube Drain Back 440L + 12 UniPlate collectors7 kW
250 m²2 x UniQube Drain Back 800L + 16 UniPlate collectors10 kW

Our proven and favourite hydraulic scheme

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