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Maintaining water hygiene

Domestic hot water is used in close contact with the people – shower, dishwasher, kitchen tap, bathroom tap, washing machine. Stagnant water and water with a temperature between 20 and 45°C favors Legionella bacteria growth. It can be prevented simply by timed increasing of the water temperature above 60°C, or if hot water stagnation is not happening.

Hygienic hot water

UniQube is engineered to limit the Legionella proliferation, by using the instantaneous heating of the tap water. Tap water flows into the large surface heat exchanger installed on the top flange of the tank, made of “INOX 316L” stainless steel, approved for use in contact with drinking water.

Energy savings

UniQube does not accumulate domestic hot water because it generates standing heat losses until the hot water is used. Its on-demand principle of hot water production consumes energy only when the user opens the domestic hot water tap. The amount of energy used is the amount of energy needed, without any additional heat losses.


The heat exchanger is made of corrugated pipe, with a mirror surface finish. Its shape stimulates swirling and vibrations during the water flow. These phenomena are preventing limescale deposits.

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