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NEW Solarico Products – MCE 2022

NEW Solarico Products

"The Enduring Ones!
made out of plastic composite materials "

We will be exhibiting our NEW PRODUCTS at MCE Milano, from 28.06 to 01.07.2022. You are welcome to visit us at Hall 07, Stand P31 R32.

Expansion vessels made out of plastic-composite

It will not corrode from the inside and outside too. There are no pieces of rust that may damage the inner membrane. The outside moisture and chemically active environment may not damage it too. That’s why these are long lifetime vessels compared to conventional steel vessels.

  • Extended lifetime of reservoir and membrane
  • Lightweight vessels, easy to manipulate and transport
  • Low heat losses
  • Corrosion free
  • Energy efficient
  • 5 years warranty
  • 30 years reliable vessel
Water treatment & Pressure tanks – Wide range of applications

The inner plastic reservoir is made of cross-linkable HDPE or LHDPE depending on application.

  • Water treatment reservoir of high quality
  • Booster accumulators for fresh water
  • Pressurized fluid accumulators
  • Stores energy and redistributes when required – reducing installed power
  • Compensates pressure peaks
  • Compensates volume changes of thermal expansion of the fluid
  • Stores energy for emergency cases
  • 30 years warranty tank
Drain back reservoirs
Solar Draining Tank

Quboid shape and insulated with polyurethane, minimizes the heat loss in idle or stand by mode of solar thermal system

  • Drain back solar thermal systems are not overheating
  • Adding this reservoir to the solar thermal circuit, it will convert it into the drain back solar thermal system
  • Drain back solar thermal systems are used in projects where solar heat is going to be used for home heating
  • It is solution for hospitality industry where domestic hot water demand is variable and unpredictable.
  • This reservoir is warrantied by 10 years.
Helical Coil Heat Exchangers
  • We produce them using corrugated pipe of stainless steel – Inox 316L
  • Double winded, mirror surface finish, and suitable for drinking water

More performance in less space

There is a turbulent flow inside the corrugated pipe, and mixing the temperature layers, decreasing flow speed in the middle of the pipe, which intensifies the heat exchange performance significantly. Turbulences inside cause a self cleaning effect, preventing calcium deposits , which enables constant performance throughout the entire service life.

  • Wide range of heat exchanging application – swimming pools, hot water accumulators, industrial heat exchange, HVAC projects
  • 10 bar maximum pressure
  • 10 years warranty
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